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New Patient Forms

New Patients can save time by having the following forms filled-out when you arrive for your first visit:

Initial Consult Form - Click Here


What To Expect During Your Naturopathic Visit

Initial consultation: 15 minutes. During this session we will discuss your immediate or primary health concern(s). If required, a complaint-oriented exam may be performed. Towards the end of this session, I will briefly discuss possible treatment approaches. You will then be given comprehensive forms regarding health history and lifestyle that are to be completed before your next appointment.

First naturopathic visit: 30 Minutes. Prior to this session, I have received your completed forms and have prepared a preliminary treatment plan. In some cases, special instructions will be given to you in order to prepare for this appointment. During this session, I will ask further questions based on the information from the forms. I will also perform a physical exam using standard diagnostic instruments and laboratory tests and may refer you for blood and urine tests if necessary. At the end of the visit, initial recommendations and prescriptions will be given.

Follow up visit: 15- 30 minutes. This session may include treatment, further prescriptions, recommendations, and lifestyle counseling etc. Frequency of follow up visits is dependent on your needs.